Association of Investors Injured by Housers


Few investors has the initiative to create the “Association of People Affected by Investments in the Housers Platform”. This association is registered in the National Registry of Associations of the Ministry of the Internal Affairs with number 620927. The association already has more than 200 members.

The Association centralizes the information about the different projects and their state. Then, coordinated joint actions can be taken. The main value of the Association is to facilitate joint actions and criteria in the defense of investors’ rights against abusive practices. The Association has a collaboration with a law firm for this.

The Association groups the affected investors by project to coordinate the legal actions. The actions must be taken at project level due to each project has its own problematic. Then, the optimal action can differ from one project to other. The Association and the law firm provide assistance to the investors of the different projects. However, it is on them to decide how to proceed. The members of the Association can contact directly with the law firm to receive free legal advice about all topics related with Housers.

Investors who decide not to join the Association can still get information in the web site, group chats and contact us. However, they will not have the possibility to receive free legal advice, nor be participant of the legal class actions.

Contact us if you need more information.

Legal advice

Free legal advice is available for members.

Defend your rights

Decide and be part of the legal class actions taken to defend your interests.

Direct communication with members

Contact with other members via dedicated communication channels.

How to join?

Easy! Just contact us to get the details. In summary, the following is required: 

  • Personal details
  • List of investments in problematic projects
  • Registration form completed