Chat groups

The inability to communicate with other affected investors has been one of the big problems that investors have faced.

Housers managed to keep us isolated for long time, making coordinated actions by investors difficult.

This problem has been resolved with the creation of chat groups. These chats are the channel used by investors for sharing information, coordinating and unlocking projects. Below you have the link for the main groups on Whatsapp and Telegram.


There is a Whatsapp community for Housers investors. This community has groups for the different Housers projects. This enables more specific communication and better coordination. 

The community and the groups are directly managed by investors. Housers has no control on them.

Use below link or QR code to join the Whatsapp community.


There are several Telegram groups for Housers investors. However, one is significantly more relevant than the others with almost 500 members in the group.

This is a general group to discuss about any Housers subject or project. Housers has no control to the group.

Below are the link and QR code. Use any of them to join the Telegram group.