Just one aim.

Join investors injured by Housers management and to look for a solution all together.

Chat groups

Contact with other affected investors and share information with them in the chat groups.

Association of Injured Investors

The Association of Injured Investors by Housers coordinates the legal actions to defend investors' rights. Join!


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The Problem

If you are reading this, probably you already know about Housers. If not, summarizing, it is a crowdfunding platform for Real Estate investments. It sound like a good idea, but unfortunately it is not as nice as Housers try to show.

The biggest problem is the transparency. It is null. This absolutely lack of information creates a total mistrust about what they do with our money. Moreover, this situation becomes critical when several projects does not work as expected. We are a lot of investors who think that the behaviour of the company is, at least, suspicious and our weight in the decisions and future of the projects is almost negligible.

This platform has the target to facilitate the contact between all investors who might consider affected by the management of Housers in any project. If we join and we work together, we will become stronger and it will be most difficult to ignore us. 

The solution

The only way to unblock the situation is to join. Currently, the investors do not have weight due to the shares of the projects are distributed between a lot of investors with small participation. 

Housers controls all the projects despite of they have a minimum percentage in some of them. If the investors of the same project get join; then, they can coordinate actions to change the situation.  

One of the main initiatives is the creation of the Association of Injured Investors by Housers. Check the Association’s section to understand what it does and how to join it.

Another aim of this platform is to improve the lack of communication between investors. Then, this site informs about the existence of the Whatsapp and Telegram groups which are being used by the investors for sharing information and coordinating actions.


You can also help!

Something as easy as sharing your personal experience with Housers in Internet can be very helpful for others.

We also encourage you to share the existence of this platform, the group chats and the Association in social media. This action has double result. Firstly, to make our problem public can help to others who might be thinking to invest with Housers. Moreover, people who has already invested in Housers can know about us and this can be helpful for them.

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